Sofia Tosello & Yuri Juárez Tangolandó (Kijada Records-Peru/Lilihouse Music-USA 2012)

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Tangolando is the first encounter of the tango with afro-Peruvian music, a journey integrating sounds born from the need of communication and exchange in Latin-American music. The penetrating passion of tango together with the sensuality and mischievousness of the Afro-Peruvian and creole genres give life to this meshed, fluid and organic approach from Sofia Tosello and Yuri Juárez. From the bandoneon's melancholic sounds to the rogue beat of the cajon, Tangolando recreates in a perfect balance timeless tangos through the freshness of Peru's coastal contemporary music. Tangolando was born in New York between a Peruvian musician (Yuri Juárez) and an Argentine singer (Sofía Tosello) conscious of the communication need in such a cosmopolitan and diverse city. The record holds tango classics such as "Cambalache"," Vuelvo Al Sur", "El Ultimo Café", "La Arenosa", "Nostalgias", "Milonga Sentimental", "Volver", "Naranjo En Flor", "Niebla de Riachuelo", songs by Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzola, Enrique Cadícamo, Homero Expósito, and new compositions like "Canción Inútil" y "Astorpolka" (Yuri Juárez). 



Sofia Tosello Alma Y Luna (Sunnyside Records 2009)

Producer : Fernando Aponte

Musicians: Sofia Tosello - Pavel Urkiza – Yosvany Terry – Aquiles Baez – Julio Santillan - Yunior Terry – Osmany Paredes – Axel Tosca – Miguel Rivaynera – Yayo Serka – Mauricio Herrera – Franco Pinna – Pedro Giraudo – Jorge Roeder – Hector del Curto – Rob Curto – Anat Cohen – Rafi Malkiel – Albert Leusink – Raul Lavadenz – Ignacio Freijo – Jhair Salas - Ramiro Capi Nieva -  Dyan Abad – Byron Ramos - Fernando Aponte.

Fernando Aponte has worked with numerous artists and a wide range of musical genre, from producing Venezuelan folk icons "Un Solo Pueblo" to engineering for Oscar winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. His collabrations include Masters at Work, Dee Lite, Towa Tei, C&C Music Factory, En Vogue, Janet Jackson, Marisa Monte, Arto Lindsay, Los Amigos Invisibles, Vinicius Cantuaria, Morelenbaum2Sakamoto, Sofia Rei, Felipe Salles, Mos Def, Electric Black, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Christian Fennesz and La Clave Secreta which won him a Grammy nomination for Best Tropical Latin Album in 2009.

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Diego Obrego y Grupo Chonta Pequeña Historia (2012)

Diego Obregón, master marimbist from the Pacific Coast of Colombia, presents this groundbreaking album, a masterpiece filled with love for his musical heritage, his ancestry and the beckoning of a far away homeland.  


Tatum Greenblatt Imprints (2012)

Third album release as a leader for NYC-based trumpet player Tatum Greenblatt. On this album Sofia Tosello performs as a lead singer on the song "As I Wait for You". Stylistically speaking, this album is a broad musical offering, where each song relates to people, experiences, or musical influences that have made a deep and lasting effect on him.


 Something Relevant We Could Be Dreaming (2012)

Something Relevant is an indie band from Mumbai, India. The subtle mix of technical proficiency, multi-genre music, brilliantly written lyrics, quality recording mix, and the “Indian” feel. 


Cocomama Cocomama (2012)

This three song EP is the debut recording from Cocomama. Produced by Ricky Gonzalez, an amazingly talented pianist/producer who has recorded or performed with some of the greats in Latin music including Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, Tito Puente and Tito Nieves, their new EP is a fresh mix of original Salsa and Timba. Cocomama is an international group of women based in New York City who are natives of such diverse places as Cuba, Israel, France, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Australia, Oregon and Wisconsin. They play “hard-hitting”, original Latin music deeply rooted in Afro Caribbean rhythms. Inspired by their various musical and cultural backgrounds, their music draws upon jazz, World, Afro-Cuban, and South American traditions. 


Juancho Herrera Banda (2011)

The key to Juancho’s music is the well crafted superimposition of layers of musical ideas that grow into the listener long after various listening sessions, always keeping the concept of “song” as a central core. The lyrics convey a strong sense of life as a consecutive collection of moments, deep in emotions, sarcasm and satire, socially aware and autobiographic. Using modern instrumentation such as electric bass and guitars in combination with traditional instruments such as Peruvian cajon and Venezuelan cuatro, the project achieves a vibrant dialog between tradition and forward motion. 


Sofia Tosello and Julio Santillan Un Instante, Tribute to Borges (JS Records 2010)

 “Un Instante” is a suite composed by New York-based Argentinean composer and guitarist Julio Santillan, featuring the vocals of Sofia Tosello. The work combines his music, based on argentine rhythms like tango and milonga, with the brilliant poetry of Jorge Luis Borges, one of the most important writers of the Spanish language. It was commissioned by the Secretara de Cultura de Tucuman, Argentina and was recorded a Manhattan College, New York.


La Cumbiamba Eneye La Palma (Chunta Records 2010)

Capturing the inclusive spirit of the outdoor parties that take place in Colombia, known as “cumbiambas”, this ensemble revives several distinct Colombian/South American musical genres by reworking these traditions within a contemporary cosmopolitan sonic context. As a testimony of their traditional, contemporary and cosmopolitan approach to Colombian music, the band has released a double album entitled "La Palma" where entirely traditional formats contrast harmoniously with the powerful large band format and features "as good as it gets" collaborations with greats such as guitar legend Marc Ribot, Colombian singer Lucia Pulido, Argentinean singer Sofia Tosello and Jamaican rapper King Gully. 


Marta Gomez Musiquita (Aluna Records 2009) 

On her fifth album, Musiquita, Columbian singer/songwriter Marta Gómez again showcases the tender and joyful style for which this gifted young artist has become known. In fourteen original songs, Gómez embarks on a rhythmical tour of the Spanish-speaking world. Some of the rhythms featured on the album include the Bolivian cumbia and aguabejo rhythms, the Peruvian el festejo, Bolivia's carnavalito and the zamba of Argentina. This album features Sofia Tosello on background vocals.


Jonathan Powell and Nu Shanga Transcend

Through contrasting musical collaborations including JT Taylor (Kool & the Gang), La Excelencia, Sam Rivers, The Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra, Q-Tip, Gary Thomas, Slick Rick and Snoop Dogg, Jonathan's original music was born of diverging influences... his group nu Sangha was born. Nu Sangha is made up of some of the best up-and-coming musicians in NYC including Jeremy Powell, Sofia Tosello, Richard Padron, Yayoi Ikawa, Jim Robertson, Kenny Grohowski- drums, Rohin Khemani, Blitz the Ambassador.


Toshi Reagon Amazon Thirty Five (JUCA Music 2010) 

This album, produced by Toshi Reagon, pays tribute to the song Amazon (Womyn Rise), written by the late great lesbian feminist singer-songwriter Maxine Feldman in 1976 and performed as the unofficial official opening song at the Michican Womyn's Music Festival every year. 



Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra Desconsuelo (PGM Records 2005) 


This 13-piece big band, lead by Pedro Giraudo, has captivated listeners around the world with its unique blend of South American grooves, Argentine folk songs, the passion of tango and jazz improvisation. Pedro Giraudo, in the tradition of such composers as Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus, highlights the unique talents of each band member, masterfully weaving together pre-composed and improvised elements. This album is a fused Latin-Jazz, Big Band recording with dynamic, daring musicality and mixed brass, cajón, piano, and voice (Sofia Tosello), plus the versatile composer, Pedro Giraudo’s, earthy bass. This recording is suited to the listener who seeks new combinations of jazz that include the sensuality of the Latin temperament.