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Diego Obrego y Grupo Chonta Pequeña Historia (2012)

Diego Obregón, master marimbist from the Pacific Coast of Colombia, presents this groundbreaking album, a masterpiece filled with love for his musical heritage, his ancestry and the beckoning of a far away homeland. 


Tatum Greenblatt Imprints (2012)

Third album release as a leader for NYC-based trumpet player Tatum Greenblatt. On this album Sofia Tosello performs as a lead singer on the song "As I Wait for You". Stylistically speaking, this album is a broad musical offering, where each song relates to people, experiences, or musical influences that have made a deep and lasting effect on him.


Something Relevant We Could Be Dreaming (2012)

Something Relevant is an indie band from Mumbai, India. The subtle mix of technical proficiency, multi-genre music, brilliantly written lyrics, quality recording mix, and the “Indian” feel.